Creating value with product source

Creating value with product source

Gruyère cheeses, for example, are produced in a specific region of Switzerland, and since 2011 only they can be officially designated in such a way.

One of the great possibilities for differentiation in agribusiness is the identity of origin. Gruyère cheeses, for example, have been produced in a beautiful specific region of Switzerland since 1110. But it was not until 2011 that they received European Union recognition, so that only cheeses from that region can officially use this designation.

Gruyère cheese has been produced for over a century | Credit: Disclosure

Its differentials are in the preparation and specification of milk, processing, maturation and quality. There are also aspects related to pasture types, free feeding of animals in summer and hay in winter without silage; great quality control and certification of those who participate.

The dairy farms have signs at the entrance, identifying the brand, and with that, it is gaining intimacy with the final consumer and developing pride in the region with the appreciation of what is done by the community. Of the total cheese produced by the region, 60% is in Switzerland, about 30% goes to the USA, France and Germany, and the remaining 10% is spread in several countries.

In Brazil, we already have many initiatives of identity of origin of products, in wines, cheese, coffee, among others, but we have to further strengthen this opportunity to differentiate products by origin in the national and international market. With the social media revolution, there is a greater chance of telling our story and getting fans all over the world.

Marcos Fava Neves
Agronomist Engineer
Professor of FEARP/USP e EAESP/FGV



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