What will agribusiness look like in 2035?

What will agribusiness look like in 2035?

In the future, production will be fully digitized and certified | Credit: Disclosure

We ended a record grain harvest in 2018/19: with production of 242 million tons, it generated an income in the field of over R $ 600 billion.

Our exports of Agro this year will be $ 400 billion. This totals more than R $ 1 billion per day entering our ports and economically moving all over Brazil. But what will agribusiness look like in 2035?

In my view, the country is consolidating itself as a global food supplier, selling about $ 200 billion a year in products. These will range from primary to processed and packaged, contributing to food price control and providing greater access to the world’s populations. This is thanks to the continuous transfer of productivity gains at product prices. All production will be digitized, certified and in line with the most stringent sustainability standards in the economic, environmental and social pillars.

We will be the country with the largest area and water preservation reserves in the world, the highest utilization rates of renewable energy sources and seen as food and environmental power. And our products will use this unique positioning.

The ways

This result will be achieved thanks to two major developments: in the public sector, a broad set of structural reforms that improve the business environment and competitiveness (social security, tax, labor, logistics, legal, concessions and privatization, among others) and reduce the burden. of the state in the economy; in the private sector, the permanent structuring of strategic planning projects by sectors, aiming at understanding where the opportunities are, reducing vulnerabilities and having structuring projects to increase their size and profitability.

By 2035, food supply chains will be much more integrated via digital platforms, cooperatives and extremely strong and representative associations. The processes of creating, capturing and sharing value, always aiming to generate opportunities for sustainable insertion for people, will be the central axis of our food and bioenergy production chains.

Beautiful future ahead!

Marcos Fava Neves
Agronomist Engineer
Professor da FEARP/USP e EAESP/FGV

Portal Zumm Story Link: https://portalzumm.com.br/o-agronegocio-em-2035/



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