“Mixing the food issue with the forest issue is opportunism,” says professor

“Mixing the food issue with the forest issue is opportunism,” says professor

According to Fava Neves, reaction of European countries to the advance of the burning of the Amazon Basin was exaggerated

The reaction of European countries to the advancement of burning in the Amazon Basin was exaggerated, according to Marcos Fava Neves, an expert in management and agribusiness, professor at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation and the University of São Paulo. He said that while burning is a problem that needs to be addressed, the world has reacted more than necessary.

“There was an overreaction, driven by a large set of fake news,” says Fava Neves. He points out that the reaction of the Brazilian government against the increase in the number of burnings in August was late, but allowed the issue to be circumvented in time.

About possible impacts of this moment of turbulence between the Brazilian government and the countries of the European Union – especially with France -, Fava Neves believes that there will be no reflexes on the trade agreement between that bloc and Mercosur. “The deal is bigger than all this,” he says.

“Mixing the food issue with the forest issue is opportunism. And there are people interested in that, ”says the professor, who specializes in strategic planning in agribusiness.

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